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Seasonal Part-Time Carpenter/Fly

This is a seasonal part-time position whose responsibilities include covering shows and maintenance hours for the carpentry and fly positions.  This position will begin immediately and will currently end around the end of April 2017.


Candidates must have a basic understanding of stage mechanics and have strong carpentry and rigging skills.  Basic skills in electrics, an elementary understanding of hydraulics and some availability during non-show hours, as scheduled by the Carpentry and Automation Supervisor, are preferred.


Candidates should be self-motivated, detail-oriented, organized, and work well in a high-energy environment.  Nighttime and weekend availability, a flexible schedule (especially during the holiday season and Spring student matinee season) is required. Run crew experience is preferred.  Experience running rail cues is also preferred. This position reports directly to the Production Stage Manager and the Carpentry and Automation Supervisor.



If interested, please send resume and cover letter by 10/11/16 to:

Lisa Hackman

Production Stage Manager

Blue Man Group Boston

74 Warrenton Street

Boston, MA 02116

Or email: