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Whether you’re celebrating an event, visiting one of our cities, or looking for the ultimate class trip, a Blue Man Group performance will be an unforgettable experience! Exclusive group ticket rates are available in all of our cities, along with special add-on options, dining and transportation packages, and much more. And since Blue Man Group is performed with no spoken words, it’s certain to delight all ages, languages and cultures.


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Group Discounts

Group Pricing

Prices* range from around $54 to $110 for adults and $27 to $57.50 for kids depending on if you want to wear a poncho or not. Call or email a group sales associate, who can fill you in on the details and customize the experience for your needs. 


*Doesn't include Florida sales tax.

Enhance Your Experience

Enhance the euphoria! Get free admission to select CityWalk‭™ venues, food, custom private performances, a meet and greet, swag, transportation, and gift cards.

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Group Packages

Student & Youth Groups

Trying to figure out how to entertain a bunch of kids? Where are you going to go, a petting zoo? Boooooring. 


You should bring them to see Blue Man Group instead. Not only is it more fun than a bunch of llamas, it is educational too. 

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Corporate Events

Make your next group outing one they’ll never forget. Blue Man Group has taken their indescribable live celebration of art, technology and music together to a whole new level. 

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Social Events

Looking for a high energy entertainment option that provides a WOW factor for your special occasion? With no spoken language, Blue Man Group is perfect for people of all ages, languages, and cultures.

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General Group Information

Policies and Payments

In order to qualify as a "group," you need to buy at least 10 tickets. Anything less is technically a "gaggle."


You can book up to a year in advance, so you have some time to find some people to fill out the group, but payment is due 30 days before the show. No deposit is required for scheduled shows. Booking within 30 days is not a problem. As long as seats are available we can process your group booking during regular business hours with all of the paperwork faxed or emailed to us.


Thirty (30) days prior to the show, you can pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, check, cash, or wire transfer. Sorry, we do not accept a suitcase full of nickel rolls at this time.

The Fine Print

Groups can modify their numbers any time prior to processing payment based on availability. Performances, prices, dates and times are subject to change. Tickets are subject to availability. Group rates cannot be combined with any other offers, promotions, discounts, or gift certificates.


Additional tickets are subject to availability. Booking within 30 days in not a problem. As long as seats are available we can process your group booking during regular business hours with all of the paperwork faxed or emailed to us. All paperwork must be signed and the credit card must be processed before the group sales department reserves any seats.

Group Benefits

If you’re planning a group outing for your office, a tour group, a camp, a bat mitzvah, a birthday, or anything else for that matter, wouldn't you rather have a whizzwam, blow-your-mind experience rather than see John from accounting in a bathing suit at a water park?


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