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Whether you’re celebrating an event, visiting one of our cities, or looking for the ultimate class trip, a Blue Man Group performance will be an unforgettable experience! Exclusive group ticket rates are available in all of our cities, along with special add-on options, dining and transportation packages, and much more. And since Blue Man Group is performed with no spoken words, it’s certain to delight all ages, languages and cultures.


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Group Discounts

Group Pricing

If you can gather at least 10 friends, co-workers, students, strangers or family members to come with you, you can get a group discount on your tickets to Blue Man Group. A Group Sales Manager can fill you in on all of the details and help customize the experience for your needs.  Call (702) 697-1655 for details.

VIP Experience

All people are important. Except when you're very important.


Get up close and personal with Blue Man Group -- enjoy premium seats at the show, a private meet and greet with cast members, a complimentary drink, and luminescent swag.


To purchase this package, gather 10 to 50 of your closest friends.

Private Performances

Blue Man Group can accommodate larger groups by adding to our current performance schedule for an excluisve performance. 


Blue Man Group private shows are also customizable. From logo or product integration, to audience participation moments, we work with you to enhance the event and create an unforgettable experience.


Be honest. Occasionally "corporate events" are so awesome that you shouldn't drive after.


Now you don't have to. This package, available to groups of 100 or more, includes great seats at the show and on a bus. We will pick the group up, take them to Luxor, blow their mind, then take them back.

Dinner & Show Package

A friendly warning: rocking your socks off will make you very, very hungry. You should try the Dinner & Show package with your group.


Packages are custom designed to maximize your group's experience and include awesome seats, tons of food and drink specials at some of Luxor's best restaurants. Call your group sales manager for all of the details and availability.

Theater Talkback

‭The ultimate experience awaits your group celebration with this special 30 minute Q&A session and viewing of our nightly sound check with ‭the cast and crew from that evening's performance. This exclusive package is perfect for groups of 10 to 100 and our Q&A staff can even be tailored to ‭your group's interests.

Group Packages

Corporate Events

This isn't your mother's icebreaker. Not that she had an icebreaker. An ice pick or ice tray perhaps, but no icebreaker.


Regardless, a Blue Man Group performance explores themes of community, collaboration, curiosity, and creativity - perfect for a corporate outing. Whatever the purpose or size of your event, we can accommodate your needs. Unless you need ice picks or ice trays. We don't have those.

More Info

Student & Youth Groups

Trying to figure out how to entertain a bunch of kids? Where are you going to go, a petting zoo? Boooooring. 


You should bring them to see Blue Man Group instead. Not only is it more fun than a bunch of llamas, it is educational too. We can tailor the educational component to their age group to ensure students will get the most out of their visit.

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Large Groups

You know what's better than four friends having a good time? 44 friends having a good time. Know what’s better than both of those? No taxes. But since we can’t do that and still have someone pick up the garbage, why not take all those friends to see Blue Man Group?


Blue Man Group is a euphoric exploration of art, music, and technology. Learn more, buy tickets, and experience awesome.

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General Group Information

Group Benefits

If you’re planning a group outing for your office, a tour, a camp, a bat mitzvah, a birthday, or anything else for that matter, wouldn't you rather tell the group, "We’re going to have a whizzwam, blow-your-mind experience," rather than, "We’re going to look at exotic weeds in the botanical garden?"


Book now for priority access, awesome seats, discounts, luminescent swag, and maybe even food and drinks.

Policies and Payments

In order to qualify as a "group," you need to buy at least 10 tickets. Anything less is technically a "gaggle."


You can book up to a year in advance, so you have time to find some people to fill out the group, but full payment is due eight weeks before the show. Booking within the eight weeks is not a problem as long as seats are available. We can process your group booking during regular business hours with all of the paperwork faxed or emailed to us. A deposit is required for all group tickets.


You can pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, check, cash, or wire transfer. Sorry, we do not accept a suitcase full of nickel rolls at this time. Other restrictions may apply to certain payment types. Please call a group sales manager for more info. 


Group rates quoted are inclusive of tax and service fee. No surprises!

The Fine Print

Group rates cannot be combined with any other offers, promotions, discounts or gift certificates. All sales are final. No refunds, exchanges, or cancellations. Group tickets may not be transferred, distributed or resold to any ticket broker, other person or entity for resale without permission of Blue Man Group. Groups are considered confirmed after the receipt of a signed Group Event Agreement. However, seat assignments will be made after payment in full is received.


Any reception or customization fees must be paid via check, made out to Blue Man Group and sent via UPS or Federal Express to Blue Man Group no later than four weeks prior to the performance. 


Requests for additional tickets to an existing reservation are subject to availability.


Group ticket buyers who wish to advertise their group event may not use a logo or images without written permission from Blue Man Group.