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2018 Tour: Head of Props



Act as the Head Props for the Blue Man Group World Tour, including but not limited to the following Key Responsibilities:


Load In

- Stage Management Load In
- Case management for all departments where required
- Setting up the Stage Management flight cases and the SL wing during load-in
Show Running
- Preset and running the SL wing during performance (would also learn the SR ASM preset/plot)
- Daily and weekly prop maintenance
- Responsible for stock levels and ordering (ensuring the PSM is ‘kept in the loop’) of consumables related to the SL ASM plot (ie Feast props) and liaison with the local promoter for consumables provided as per the rider (ie bananas, cheese, fire extinguishers, Toblerone)
- Second bookcover with the intention (where staffing and schedule allows) that they call one show per week


Load Out

- Stage Management load-out including post-show cleaning Press/Promo
- Prepare props for press calls and gigs as required



Proactive, takes initiative, problem solver, excellent communicator, good organisation skills, attention to detail, calm, confident, understanding, flexible and has a keen interest in travel.