2018 TOUR: HEAD OF AUDIO - Official Site of Blue Man Group




To manage all aspects of the sound department, leading the department to ensure the desired effect for the production is achieved.




Act as the Head of Sound for the Blue Man Group World Tour, including but not limited to the following Key Responsibilities:


- Direct and lead the sound department to ensure the desired creative effect for the production is achieved and sustained
- Develop a thorough knowledge of all Sound Department equipment specific to the production in order to ensure safe and accurate operation
- Oversee the operation of the sound control console in a consistent manner for performances, rehearsal and maintenance operations as directed by the Sound Designer
- Assume overall responsibility for the Deputy Audio and Tech Swing – Sound and ensure that the integrity of the production is maintained for every production call
- Ensure that the sound department is maintained appropriately, oversee all purchases, and together assume responsibility for the overall department budget
- Maintain a safe working environment by assisting with establishing departmental safety policies and procedures
- Prepare schedules for the department, in conjunction with the Head Carpenter, and other Heads of Department, to determine call times, crew numbers and methodology for load in, show operation and load out. Scheduling in a manner that is effective and most economical in terms of time, location and stage/work space usage
- Develop systems, and implement inspection and maintenance procedures for all equipment and systems; update maintenance and inspection records. Ensuring all equipment and technical staff are prepared for calls as required
- Participate in special projects including promotional activities and the introduction of new elements to the sound design of the show
- Use existing knowledge of the show to adapt production as necessary to fit within arena and performing spaces, whilst maintaining the creative integrity of the production
- To have knowledge and experience of all show contingencies, and an ability to deal effectively and quickly in all unforeseen circumstances, effecting the sound department
- All personnel are responsible for ensuring their own and their colleague’s safe working practice. Where issues arise, the Head Carpenter or Production Manager is to be informed
- Perform other tasks and carry out projects as assigned to you by the Production Manager, General Manager or Producer from time to time



Aptitude for managing people, intuitive, proactive, soul of discretion, takes initiative, good at problem solving, excellent communicator, good organisation skills and attention to detail, calm, confident, flexible, understands a sense of urgency and a keen interest in travel.