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2018 Tour: Assistant Stage Manager



Act as the Assistant Show Caller for the Blue Man Group World Tour, including but not limited to the following Key Responsibilities:


Load In

- Assist the Production Stage Manager with setting up the stage
- Assist with setting up ‘props world’ during the second day of load-in and unpacking instruments etc.
Show Running
- First bookcover, covering a minimum (where schedule and staffing permits) of four shows per week
- When calling the show, chair circle meeting
- When calling the show, run soundcheck to work through any notes from the previous performance and liaise with the Band, Blue Men and sound department to compile a running order
- When calling the show, attend notes session post-show to promote discussion and ensure relevant information is communicated via the show report
- When calling the show, complete the show reports, checking-in with other technical departments on any performance related issues. Send to the Production Stage Manager for distribution
- Responsible for stock levels and ordering of general consumables not covered by Stage Left and Stage Right ASMs (i.e. paper, streamers, CO2 canisters, jellies)
- Cover the Stage Right ASM preset and running the Stage Right wing during performance
- Daily and weekly prop maintenance


Load Out

- During the final performance in a venue, pack away props and set pieces (i.e. fakeuleum and backpacks) where possible
- Help ASMs with stage management load-out, focusing first on striking props off the set (i.e. fan silks and drum platform props) and continuing to ensure all instruments are packed away in their cases
- Assist the Production Stage Manager with the Stage Management trailer load
- Assist with preparing props for press calls and gigs as required / show caller for press calls




Proactive, takes initiative, good at problem solving, excellent communicator, impeccable organisation skills, good attention to detail, calm, confident, flexible, understands a sense of urgency and has a keen interest in travel.