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2018 TOUR: Assistant Carpenter



Act as the Assistant Carpenter / Tech Swing for the Blue Man Group World Tour, including but not limited to the following Key Responsibilities:


- Cover on-stage show tracks for ASMs, Automation, Lighting, Video, and other departments as needed
- Participate in the Carpentry Load In and Load Out and lend assistance to other departments as needed
- Ensure necessary equipment is on set when required
- Maintain and check all equipment as fit for purpose and safe to operate
- Execute general repair, maintenance and restock of supplies as arranged with the Head Carpenter
- Maintain knowledge and training to run, repair, and/or identify problems with all technical elements of the show under the Deputy Carp / Tech Swing’s jurisdiction
- Participate in special projects, including: promotional activities and the installation of new automated show elements, as directed
- Use your existing knowledge of the show to adapt the production as necessary to fit within arena and theatres, whilst maintaining the creative integrity of the production
- To have knowledge and experience of all show contingencies, and an ability to deal effectively and quickly in all unforeseen circumstances



Proactive, takes initiative, problem solver, excellent communicator, good organisation skills, attention to detail, calm, confident, understanding, flexible and has a keen interest in travel.